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R&V Comfort" company was officially founded in 1998, as a legal continuer of the activities of "Ardzagank 2000" LTD and "Argo-7" corporations. It is one of the leading companies in Armenia that imports building materials, realizes projecting and construction. In 2001 "R&V Comfort" was granted an "International Quality Certificate" in Geneva, Switzerland.

The company is cooperating with many well-known foreign companies, having become the exclusive rep-resentative of many of them. It mainly imports goods from Italy, Spain, Germany, France, USA, China, Islamic Republic of Iran, Belgium, Bulgaria, the Netherlands, France, Portugal etc. 

 In the network of "R&V Comfort" shops and halls you can find a wide range of products: wall and floor tiles, PVC and steel pipes, gypsum boards, adhesives, black and galvanized metal sheets, mosaics, stoneware, sanitary ware, bathroom accessories, swimming pool accessories and chemicals, macerating pumping sys-tem and domestic pumps, parasols, hammocks, swing chairs,  etc. 

The wide range of our products and the competitive prices will satisfy the demand of even the most rigor-ous customers.

 In 2008 the ceramic products of the Spanish "Peronda" and the Italian "ABK" companies have been granted the national award: "The Product of the Year" by the Union of Manufacturers and Producers of Armenia.

"R&V Comfort" offers its consumers qualified diversity of products and perfect service, guaranteeing longevity and comfort.

 In Madrid 2011 the company was awarded with an International Award for Leadership in Image & Quality.

 We also consider important to mention that the company's president: Ruben Shakhmuradyan was granted a Certificate of Appreciation by the World Bank and the International Financial Corporation for his contribution to the report "Doing Business 2012: Doing Business in a More Transparent World."